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Hellenic Air Force Museum


In 1986 HAF founded the HAF Museum Organisation Bureau. In 1988 this was incorporated into the newly formed HAF History Service, whose mission was the gradual concentration of material in order to establish an Aviation Museum in the future.

In 1990 the Museum Establishment Bureau was founded as part of the HAF Public Relations Directorate, in order to continue the concentration of material and find the best possible way for the realization of the Museum. Among various solutions and after evaluating the organisation charts of many other museums, both Greek and international, it was decided that it should have the form of a military unit.

On July 1992 the HAF Museum was formally established by the Supreme Air Council, positioned within the Dekeleia Air Base and administratively subsumed under the HAFGS.

Since October 2006 the museum is administratively under the Hellenic Air Force Air Training Command.


  • Exhibitions Office : 2108195254
  • FAX : 2102461661
  • E-mail :

Foreign visitors are kindly requested to contact the Airforce General Staff Public Relations Office at +302106591509 or at

The HAF museum is open (with prior permission only) on any working day, from 08:00 to 14:40, with last admission at 13:30.