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Hellenic Air Force Museum

Future Perspectives

The museum’s targets for the foreseeable future include:

  • Enriching the collection with all the aircraft types that served the Hellenic Air Force. Creating a stock of certain types with historic value is also under consideration, in order for them to be used for exchanges and, thus, obtaining aircraft types that have not been preserved in Greece.
  • Including aircraft that have never been used by the HAF, but have played an important role in the History of Aviation on an international level.
  • Enriching the Aviation Archeology collection with more exhibits, able to attract the visitors’ interest, thus making a visit to the museum desirable for a wider audience.
  • Collecting more photographic material of all kinds, manuals, aviation memorabilia, staff uniforms etc
  • Extending the museums’ premises and including buildings and hangars of the Dekeleia Air Base which have a historical value, dating back to the pre-war era.
  • Creating different spaces for the presentation of different categories of museum items, such as aircraft avionics, armament, uniforms, aircraft engines etc.

It is also desirable that with the co-operation of the Ministry of Culture a great part of the Dekeleia Air Base be transformed into a technological and aviation park. The realization of this proposal according to the modern principles of museology, will create a huge space open to visitors, unique in Europe in the sense that it will combine both a museum and active aviation facilities.