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Armstrong - Whitworth "Atlas"

The A.W. "Atlas" was the first British 2-seater army cooperation airplane which was specifically designed for this mission after WWI.

2 planes of this type were ordered for the Naval Air Force in 1928 and arrived in Greece by July 1929. At the same time, a licence for production of 10 more airplanes was agreed. These were built at the Faliro Airplane Factory.

To reduce costs, the Greek "Atlas" were different in conjunction to the British ones: the structure of the wings was made from wood and the slats were removed. The Jaguar engines had been modified with a reducing gearbox and larger propellers.

Technical Specifications:

 Crew 2
 Engines 1 x Armstrong Jaguar IVC of 450 hp
    Take Off 4020 lb
    Empty 2550 lb
    Wingspan 39 ft 6 1/2 in
    Length 28 ft 6 1/2 in
    Height 10 ft 6 in
 Wing Area 391 sqr ft
    Max Velocity 142 mph on sea level, 124 mph at 15000 ft
    Service ceiling 16800 ft
    Range 480 mi
 Weaponry 1 Vickers 0,303 in machine gun, 1 Lewis 0,303 in machine gun, 4 x 112 lbs bomb payload capacity