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Avro 621 Tutor

The British Avro 621 Tutor was chosen as the basic training airplane in the Air Force reconstitusion program in the period between 1936 and 1940. It prevailed in a competition made by the Ministry of Air Force in 1935, with the D.H.82A Tiger Moth II being a second choice.

It was bought in large numbers and featured as the airplane that the training of the first students of the Air Force Academy was based upon. In December of 1939, 59 Avro 621 were available. In the same month, 30 more airplanes were undere production at the National Airplane Factory. The production line pace was about 7 airplanes per month. In documents of this period are noted that many training squadrons were "under composition" with blank digits next to the code E, as their airplanes would be builded at the National Airplane Factory.

Many of them were re-fitted to be able of inverse flight, while others were equipped with night illumination instruments or towing target. Their use also included acrobatics training, night flights and firing. A small number of Avro 621 Tutor was incorporated to the combat squadrons with the break of the war, where they undertook liaison airplane duties. At least 4 Avro 621 escaped to Egypt.

Technical Specifications:

 Crew 2
 Engines Armstrong Siddeley Lynx IVC of 215 or 240 hp
    Take Off 2458 lb
    Empty 1800 lb
    Wingspan 34 ft
    Length 26 ft 6 in
    Height 9 ft 7 in
    Wing Area 300 sqft
    Max Velocity 122 mph
    Service ceiling 16200 ft