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Potez 633 B2 Grec

The supply agreement for 24, twin-engine Potez 633 B2 Grec bombers, was signed in January 1938 with the delivery deadline expiring in 1 year. Finally 13 airplanes were delivered but one of them was destroyed with French crew at Tanagra Air Base on the delivery flight. The remaining 11 airplanes were confiscated by the French upon the break of the war.

The Greek Potez 633 had bombing configuration, except one that was delivered with photographic equipment. Hydraulic variable-paced propellers, F.R. radio, periscopic Bronzavia type bombing sight, OPL 36 fixed gunner sight, GPU rails for 4 or 2 bombs were among their equipment.

They took part in the operations in 1940 - 1941, with the 31st Bombing Squadron, until their final immobilization due to the lack of spare parts.

Technical Specifications:

 Crew 2
 Engines 2 Gnome Rhone 14 M6/M7 of 700 hp
    Max 4500 kg
    Empty 2450 kg
    Wingspan 16 m
    Length 11,07 m
    Height 3,62 m
    Wing Area 32,7 sq. ft
    Max Velocity 393 km/h on sea level, 439 km/h at 4200 m
    Range 1300 km
    Service ceiling 8000 m
 Weaponry FN-Browning 7,92 mm machine gun, 8 x 60 kg internal bomb payload and 4 x 60 kg external bomb payload or 2 x 220 kg on external rail carriers.