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Air Force Support Command


HAFSC is a major Command subordinate to the Hellenic Air Force General Staff (HAFGS), together with Hellenic Tactical Air Force (HTAF) and Air Training Command (HAFTC).  It has two Branches, A Branch (Ops-Training) and C Branch (Logistics/Support).

There are 25 Units subordinate  to the HAFSC, the most important are the 112 CW which is collocated in Elefsis Air Base, the State Aircraft Depot, the Engines and Special Operations Vehicle Depot , the Transportation Means and GSE Depot, the 201 Supply Depot and the HAF Detachement at Hellenic Aerospace Industry.



During peacetime, the mission of the Hellenic Air Force Support Command is to ensure first, the execution of the air lift missions for the Air Force, Army and Navy, second, the execution of Search and Rescue ,fire fighting and medical evacuation flights and third, to provide pertinent training to the flight crews for cargo aircraft and helicopters of the HAF.

The Command has the responsibility to provide full logistics support to the Air Force covering aircraft and helicopters, Radar and electronics, weapons, ammunition, vehicles and ground support equipment, infrasructure in general etc.

During tension or war time operations the Command implements the war plans accordingly.


HAFSC is sited at Elefsis Air Force Base, 25 twenty five kilometers west of Athen’s center.


In order to accomplish its national tasks the Command covers a wide range of missions such as airlift, SAR, Air fire fighting, Medical Evacuation. At the same time, additional requirements stemming from our countries’ obligations in the framework of the UN, EU and other international institutions are also met.

Through the SAR Coordination Centre, the Command is responsible for SAR Ops within Athina FIR, as Greece has full jurisdiction stemming from ICAO’s provisions.

Air firefighting missions demand a huge amount of flights especially in summer time when the risk of fires is higher. During this period, a great number of aircraft deploys to different airfields in order to cover the entire territory.

Of the most important missions for the broader social benefit are MEDEVAC missions, which are performed by C-130, AS-332 Super Puma, A-109 and B-212, in order to cover the great number of islands.


The Hellenic Air Support Command (HAFSC) is Hellenic Air Force’s (HAF) responsible organization for the Logistics Support of its Units. HASC’s role is to provide the necessary infrastructure for the implementation of the Depot Level maintenance, repairs and supply support, through the relevant Maintenance and Supply Depots. In addition to that HASC ensures the Quality of the materials used in support of all Weapon Systems belonging in the HAF inventory.

In particular, HAFSC manages the following activities:

  1. Depot Level Maintenance or Aircraft – Helicopters and means
  2. Maintenance and Material Quality Assurance
  3. Engineering Support
  4. Supply Support
  5. Financial and Procurement Support
  6. Increase of Manufacturing Capabilities of the Hellenic Industry (Hellenization)
  7. Infrastructure Development and Maintenance


The Air Force Support Command was initially established in 1953 as a Headquarters of Air Materials and had the mission for the technical and supply support of the Air Force Units and was sited in Faliron. In 1969 it was renamed as the 30th Command of Air Materials and in 1975 it moved to its current location. In 1985 it was renamed as Hellenic Air Support Command.

In 1987, in the framework of organizational changes of the Air Force, the Air Training Command and Air Support Command integration occurred. In 1993 the two Commands were separated, and the mission of this command was again changed accordingly to its current status.