Demo Team History


    Legacy continued

    Continuing the glorious history of Hellenic Air Force's acrobatic Teams "Carré of Aces", "Acro Team", "Hellenic Flame", "New Hellenic Flame", as well as HAF Τ-6Α Texan II Demo Team, an effort began in 2009, to create an F-16 Demo Team, trained at the well known and highly experienced "Viper West F-16 Demo Team" of the United States Air Force (USAF), headquartered in Hill Air Force Base, Utah, USA.


    Forming the Team

    Group consisting of Squadron Leader David Graham (Flying Instructor), Captain Steve Masek (Flight Safety Officer) & Chief Master Sergeant Kerry Clark (Ground Crew Instructor and Narrator) began the training of Captain Captain Emmanuel Karahalios from 340 Sq, Captain Dimitrios Kontoulis from 343 Sq and the ground crew support members.

    A 28-days Training Program began on January 4th, 2010 and completed succesfully on February 1st, 2010, at 115 Combat Wing, in Souda Air Base.

    After months of continuously intense training, at November 7th, 2010, the HAF's F-16 Demo Team held its first official air show at 114 Combat Wing at Tanagra Air Base.


    Sierpnia Radom 2011 International Aviation Exhibition in Poland

    HAF F-16 Demo Team "Zeus" participated in the International Aviation Exhibition Sierpnia Radom 2011 in Poland, carrying out 2 air shows.


    European Air Show Convention 2012

    Captain Emmanuel Karahalios, Leader of the HAF F-16 Demo Team, participated in European Air Show Convention 2012, officially invited by the European Air Show Council (EAC)

    International Air Show 2012 in Florennes, Belgium

    Hellenic Air Force F-16 Demo Team "Zeus" participated in the International "Florennes Air Show 2012" in Belgium