The Hellenic Air Force is organising the first airshow in Greece

The Hellenic Air Force is organising for the first time in its history an International Air Show named “Archangel” 2005 at Tanagra Air Base (114 Combat Wing). “Archangel” 2005 aims to demonstrate to the public the Hellenic Air Force assets and their operational efficiency, as well as to promote the spirit of aviation to the youth. In addition, it offers a forum to foster friendship, cooperation and understanding among foreign Services and Air Forces, and to provide the highest possible standard of entertainment for the public.

The show has been scheduled to begin on Friday, September 16th and will come to an end on Sunday, September 18th.

On September 6th in the Palaio Faliro area, a breathtaking display of RAF’s renowned aerobatic group “THE RED ARROWS” will precede the main show and wet the public’s appetite.

Visitors at Tanagra Air Force Base will experience a unique opportunity to admire over 85 Hellenic and foreign aircraft exhibited on the static display area of the show. It will be by far the largest-ever static display in Greece. The flying display of more than 40 aircraft is expected to be even more impressive, as some state-of-the-art fourth generation aircraft, like the French RAFALE, the European TYPHOON, the Swedish GRIPEN and the third generation Mirage 2000 and F-16, will perform breathtaking demo flights. Furthermore, the famous aerobatic groups of the Italian “FRECCE TRICOLORI”, the Spanish “PATRULLA AGUILA” and the Polish “ORLIK” will carry out staggering aerobatic manoeuvres.

The icing on the cake will undoubtedly be the dynamic participation of the Hellenic aircraft. Several exhibition flights, simulated air combats, fire fighting and rescue missions will give to the public an overall perception of HAF’s capabilities and social contribution.

For the duration of the show all the Hellenic air bases will be open to the public, thus giving the local communities the opportunity to meet the personnel, the aircraft and the weapon systems of the Hellenic Air Force.

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