Co-training of HAF paratroopers with 31 Luftlande Bigade

Between 9-13 October 2006 HAF paratroopers (Underwater Operations Team/ΚΟΣΥΘΕ) co-trained with 272 Airmobile Support Battalion of 31 Luftlande Brigade at Wildeshausen, Germany.

The co-training included T-10 static line descents from C-160 Τransall, free-fall training and shooting with the Brigades light arms: G-36, MG-3 and P-8.

As it is customary and according to the German Army’s regulations, HAF paratroopers were awarded German parachute wings in various classes (including one in gold) by the Commander of the “Division Spezielle Operationen”. Following the successful fulfilment of relevant requirements, HAF personnel were also awarded the German Army Shooting Badge (Sch?tzenschnur) in Gold and Silver.

During the last years, HAF paratroopers (31 Special Operations Squadron and Underwater Operations Team) have also conducted co-training with the 26 Luftlande Brigade and the 2ο Regiment Etranger de Parachutistes at Saarlois.