Track and Field Competitions in MOE Context

On April 18th 2007, the track and field team of the Hellenic Airforce Academy visited the Turkish Airforce Academy in Constantinople to participate in the events between the cadets in order to improve the relationship between the two countries. The Greek delegation, which consisted of 15 cadets, 1 coach and 2 officers, had a very pleasant and friendly accommodation in TUAFA. The track and field event took place in TUAFA’s field on Thursday. The Greek male cadets achieved: second place (silver medal) in 100 m, third place (bronze) in 400 m and second place (silver) in spear. The Greek female cadets ran 800 m and achieved the second place and the silver medal.

The next day the team visited Agia Sophia museum and Top Kapi. The last day the Greek team departed for Greece with the best memories.