EUAFA track & field Championship 2008

On May 19th 2008, cadets Kousouraki, Mpreki, Dimou, Tzivaras, Zervas, Mplesias, Mamoun, Zografakis, Makantasis, and karagiannis participated to the EUAFA track & field Championship 2008 held in Konstantinoupolis by the Turkish air force Academy. The German Academy team also attended the games. The program included also, a tour to the Academy (dormitories, hobby rooms, and gym) dinner with the company of Turkish cadets in a local restaurant and a cultural visit to some famous monuments like Agia Sofia, Blue Tzami and the traditional flea market.

In the games the Greek team managed to take the silver medal. Specifically Kousouraki was 3rd in 8οοm women, Mamoun took the 3rd place in 1500m, Makantasis, Mplesias, karagiannis and Zervas took the 2nd in 4x100m and karagiannis took the 3rd in 200m.