Cultural visit in italy in the EUAFA frame

HAFA’s cadets, Antonogiannakis Emmanouil and Selimis Vasileios, paid a cultural visit, according to EUAFA’s exchange programmed from 19 till 24 of October 2008, organized by the Italian Air Force Academy. Except Greek air cadets, there were also cadets of the Danish and the German Air Force Academies.

Initially, they were guided to the Academy premises, which are located in the city of Naples and afterwards they visited places relevant to the cultural characteristic of Italy. They were guided, also, to the town of Naples, the museum of Capodimonte, the ancient town of Pompeii, local ancient theatres and the Salvatore volcano.

Moreover, they visited the Air Base of Nato in Rome, where Eurofighter, Tornado and other experimental aircrafts operate, and the 22ο GRUPPO RADAR A.M.