Official Celebration of the HAF Patron

The official celebration of the Patron of the HAF, Archangel Michael, took place on Tuesday November 8th, at the Air Force Academy in Dekeleia, Tatoi. The Minister of Defense, Mr. Panos Kammenos and the Chief of the HAF, Lt. General (I) Christos Vaitsis honored the celebration with their presence.

Amongst those present, were also the Secretary General of the Republic’s Presidency, Ambassador Georgios Gennimatas, on behalf of the President of Democracy, MP Ioannis Dedes who was there on behalf of the President of Parliament, the Deputy Minister of Defense, Mr. Dimitrios Vitsas, the President of the State Council, Mr. Nikolaos Sakellariou, the Metropolitan of Ilion, Acharnon and Petroupoli, Mr. Athenagoras, Chief representatives of the Armed Forces, Chiefs of Security Forces, the Special Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, Mrs. Kalliopi Papaleonida, delegations of Officers from the Hellenic Armed Forces and Hellenic Security Forces, Chiefs of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff and the Air Force General Staff, representatives from Veterans Associations, HAF civilian personnel, country representatives and local authorities.