2nd/2016 Joint Course Inaugural Ceremony of the Tactical Weapons School

On Thursday December 1st, 2016 the Chief of the Hellenic Air Force, Lt. General (I) Christos Vaitsis awarded the graduates of the 2nd/2016 Joint Course at the Tactical Weapons School (TWS). The ceremony took place at the amphitheater of the 117 Combat Wing at the Air Base in Andravida.

Amongst those present, were the Tactical Air Chief, Major General (I) Christos Christodoulou and the Air Training Chief of the Egyptian Air Force (EAF), General (P) Ashraf El Dawdy.

The total amount of those trained from August 22nd until December 1st, 2016 were thirty nine (39) Air Force members from which eleven (11) were from the Egyptian Air Force.