336th Squadron Participates in the 1st Air Training Series of the 2017 TLP

From Monday the 30th of January until Friday the 24th of February, 2017, the 336th Squadron from the 116 Combat Wing (116 CW) of the Araxos Air Force Base participated in the 1st Air Training Series of the 2017 Tactical Leadership Program (TLP), hosted at the Los Llanos Air Force Base in Albacete, Spain. For this purpose, four (4) F-16 and Block 52+ aircrafts and their respectively required total of crew and technician members, together with Air Defense Controllers and Special Intelligence staff were allocated for the mission.

During their training, the 336th Squadron committed to Combined Air Operations (COMAO), with the purpose of establishing a clear and accumulative cooperation with the staff that supports missions of this nature, according to NATO standards and procedures.

Throughout the TLP training, the aviators from the 336th Squadron expressed their excellence, amongst other staff members originating from other countries who also took part in the program.