On This Day 04/06/1941

At 05.30, the German Ambassador to Athens, Prince Erbbach, handed over to the Greek Prime Minister Alexandros Koryzi a note alleging violation of Greek neutrality and announcing that the German troops had invaded Greek territory. At 5:15, the first German forces attack the Greek prisoners of Mount Mélés (Kerkini). Soon after, the German attack against the Greek Border Guard extends across the front, from the Triennial (in West Beles) to the north of Komotini. Forces of the 12th German Army which are supported by the extremely powerful German Air Force, have already started their attack against Greece. A few hours later, a massive air strike occurs and mines are placed in order to block the port of Piraeus. A number of merchant ships are destroyed and the destroyer class ship VASILEUS GEWRGIOS is rendered unusable. During the bombing, the British truck CLAN FRAZER, which transported 400 tons of torpedoes, was struck and exploded. The explosion caused incalculable damage to the harbor..On the first day of the German invasion, pilots of the 22nd squadron destroyed two enemy Henschel Hs 126 (Captain Anthony and Lieutenant Katsipouris, the first and  Captain Dakos ,Lieutenant Kontogiwrgos and the Lieutenant Katsimpouris the Second). On the same day, another German Dornier Do 17 aircraft was destroyed by Lieutenant Economopoulos Pan. of the 24th Squadron (Bloch MB 151).