Participation of the 331st Squadron in the 3rd Air Training Series of the TLP 2018

From Monday, September the 10th to Thursday, October the 4th, 2018, the 331st Squadron of the 114 Combat Wing(CW)/ Tanagra Air Base participated in the 3rd Air Training Series for the 2018 Tactical Leadership Program (TLP), at Los Llanos Air base, in Albacete, Spain. For this purpose, four (4) Mirage-2000-5 aircraft, flying and technical staff were transported respectively from 114 Combat Wing(CW).

During the training, the 331st Squadron undertook missions in accordance with the Squadron mission, both in the National and NATO contexts, to familiarize and co-operate with all personnel, in accordance with NATO standards and procedures.

In this training series, the Spanish Air Force participated with EF2000 Eurofighter aircraft, France with Rafale, Belgium with F-16MLU, Poland with F-16M and Italy with Tornado and AMX. The pilots of the 331st Squadron came in first both in a collective and personal level, in the fields of education, among the crews of the countries that participated the event.