Completion of the 7th Air Power Conference


Athens, May 17,2019


Completion of the 7th Air Power Conference

On Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 May 2019, at the auditorium “First Lieutenant Nikolaos Sialmas” of the Air Force Academy at Dekeleia Air Base in Tatoi, the 7th Air Power Conference, focusing on “Airpower as a Strategic Factor in the Transition of Defense and Security” was conducted, officially launched by the Minister of Defense Mr. Evangelos Apostolakis.

The conference opened with greetings from the Chief of the HNDGS, General Christos Christodoulou and the Chief of the HAFGS, Lieutenant General Georgios Mplioumis, with additional speakers, among others, the United States Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, the Commander of the Allied AIRCOM, General Jeffrey L. Harrigian, the UN Military Adviser for Peacekeeping Operations, Lieutenant General Carlos Humberto Loitely, as well as the commander of the Israeli Air Force, Major General Amikam Norkin.

The conference’s speakers addressed issues that shape the present and future of airpower, covering a wide range of topics ranging from the political and diplomatic prospects of airpower, to security, research and the preparation of the Air Force for the modern world.

The conference was attended by the Leadership of the Hellenic Air Force, Senior Officers of the Armed Forces and Security Forces, members of the Academic Community, Defense Attaché’s, Distinguished Chiefs, delegations of Allied Nations and members of the Armed Forces and Security Forces.

Ten (10) emblematic artifacts from the collection of the Ancient Greek Technology Museum Kostas Kotsanas with special relevance to the conference were on display at the VIP lounge. Moreover, workshops were conducted at the auditorium’s anteroom with three specific thematic units:

  • Ancient Computational Machines
  • Cryptography
  • Ancient Greek Strategy Games

Participants had the opportunity to interact amongst each other through an educational – entertaining workshop that functioned as a link between ancient times and today in the technological department.

Lieutenant Colonel Konstantinos Goumatsis
HAF Press Representative

7th Air Power Conference Video