Completion of the Exercise “NATO Tiger Meet 2022”

The exercise “NATO Tiger Meet 2022” is completed on May 20, 2022 at Araxos Air Base, Greece.

During the exercise complex air operations were held, covering a wide spectrum of the modern air warfare (Defensive/Offensive Counter Air, Air Interdiction, Dynamic Targeting, TST Targeting, Suppression – Destruction of Enemy Air Defense, APCLO, APCMO).

More than 60 fighter jets – helos were deployed in the exercise, including Greece (F-16, M2000-5, F-4E, C-130H, AB-205A and EMB-145H), Belgium (F-16 MLU), Czech Republic (Mi-24), France (RAFALE, E-2C), Italy (EF-2000 Eurofighter), Spain (EF-18 Hornet) and Switzerland (F/A-18 Hornet), conducting more than 600 flights day and night throughout the Athens FIR range, aiming high quality operational training under the concept «Train as you Fight».

The exercise also involved observers, personnel and means from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and USA, as well as Hellenic Army and Hellenic Navy Forces.