The attendance at the Air Force Academy offers its students the opportunity to expand their activities. These activities support them in developing their professional interests and their favorite hobbies while at the same time revealing their talent.

Hobby Rooms

The air cadets are occupied in HOBBY-ROOMS with following workshops:
Plastic modelling, decoration, painting, photography, copper engraving, stained glass art making and computers. Finally it is worth mentioning that the air cadets have their own music orchestra that supports their entertainment and dance activities.


The library aims at the support of cadets’ academic education, the development of their learning but also their entertainment, while it offers important assistance to academic personnel. The library holds a collection of books and is the focal point of Greek and foreign journals.

The Academy’s museum

The museum of the Academy was founded in 1960 and since then it has been running in cooperation with the Academy’s Command and cadets. It was first renovated in 1977, while during the Academic year 1997-98 it acquired its present shape.

The number of the exhibits in the museum amount to 500 items, which are all related to the Hellenic Air force and the development of its history. A guided tour in the museum starts with the Balkan wars, the two World Wars and the Korea war. A large number of model aircraft of all types is added to the museums’ exhibits. These types of aircraft have served and are still in service in today’s modern Air Force, flying and defending the Hellenic territory. The aircraft models are the result of cadets’ devoted and unflagging effort.

The Museum’s exceptional exhibits are flight plans and uniforms, which were used over the years. Among them, there are uniforms and other personal objects of glorious war heroes.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning the collection of presents, which were offered to the Academy by various foreign AF Academies, such as the USA AF Academy, the Italian AF Academy, the Swedish AF Academy, etc.

Lastly, it should also be underlined that an effort is being made by the Command and cadets to supplement further the museum’s collection with exhibits in order to remain the adornment of the Academy.