Graduate officers’ ideals

The AF Academy graduate officers:

  1. Abide by the Constitution and Laws of the Hellenic State, believe and support democratic principles.
  2. Have a strong sense of responsibility, duty and faith to their country, serving the Hellenic Air Force enthusiastically and altruistically.
  3. Are motivated by love for the Air Force, respect and observe the traditions of the service, are disciplined, act and behave according to orders and the code of military conduct.
  4. Have academic education and carry out their duties keeping up with the developments in their specialty area.
  5. Develop leadership capabilities and possess the required knowledge on command in order to provide effective command and control of personnel and assets.
  6. Have physical and mental strength in order to deal with hardship and adversities during peacetime, tension and warfare.
  7. Have virtues and ethos, which contribute to the development of their personality and enable them to gain professional and social recognition and respect.
  8. Have the required educational level and are well informed about various issues so as to participate in social activities and develop social relations in a military or a broader social environment.
  9. Are well informed about national and international issues; they are aware of the problems faced by international community but also the way they affect our country.
  10. Have developed communication principles and a cooperative spirit.

Graduates’ career

Cadets graduate from the AF Academy with the rank of second lieutenant and enter the distinguished officers’ society of the Hellenic AF.

Throughout their career, pilots continue to receive training and train other officers, as well. By attending training programs in military schools as well as university courses, not only within the country but also abroad, pilots will be able to acquire the required knowledge in order to carry out their duties successfully and develop their own personality.

In the first stage of their career – that is during the first half of it – pilots serve in Units tasked with carrying out the AF primary mission to defend and safeguard the country’s integrity and sovereignty. Flying with the most modern combat aircraft and being supported by their classmates and officers of different specializations, the Greek pilots will be the first to say “NO” to any threat against our freedom.

In the second half of their career, pilots are assigned administrative responsibilities with the purpose of being promoted and reach senior officer ranks.