The aim of the Academic Education is to provide Air Cadets with knowledge of University level, on the domain of their specialization.

The kind of lessons and other activities related with Air Cadets’ wider Academic Education are:

Academic Education – Department Specialization

The lessons of Academic Education refer to the scientific knowledge of the subjects of the practical, applied, technological, social, humanistic and theoretical sciences, that are taught in the Institutions of Higher Military Education (IHMEs) and support the Air Cadets’ training academically in order to complete them the scientific preparation of the specialization they have chosen.

Military Training

The aim of the Military Training is the development of the Air Cadet’s military competence, the strengthening of the discipline and responsibility, the development of the obedience and self-respect, and the Air Cadets’ intellectual, mental and physical qualifications. This is achieved through the increase of his endurance in extended exercise, his possibility to operate correctly and with a clear mind under stressful conditions, through training in arms, the survival, the knowledge of the military organization and procedures and, in the end, through training in the administrative and decision making procedures.

Also, it aims at the strengthening of the principles of leadership, the cultivation of the responsibility and devotion to feelings of duty, practice on patriotism, on justice and other morals or ideals so that the Air Cadet become a high-spirited Officer and an able leader.

Attendance of all lessons or subjects of the Military Training is compulsory.

Flight Training

The purpose of the Flight Training is to provide HAF with officers of the Pilots’ Department, able at its completion, for further operational development, in the context of HAF’ s requirements. The Flight Training is separated into ground training and air training.

The ground training is provided with flight preparation lessons, lectures, flight simulators and completed training systems through computers. The flight training is made with the available flight means.

Flight Training is divided in stages. The stages, the purpose and the hours of each stage are defined by decision of the Supreme Air Council, depending on HAF’s requirements and they are embodied in the Studies’ Program.

Lectures on General education

The Air Cadets attend lectures of 50-hour duration that take place after the fourth-year Air Cadets’ examinations, 2nd semester, in June. In addition, during the Academic Year, all Air Cadets, attend General Education lectures, given by distinguished lecturers, once or twice a week, according to a monthly program, approved by the Hellenic Air Force Academy.

Physical Education

The purpose of the Physical Education is the development of their physical condition and mental endurance so that they are able to get through long efforts, deprivations and sufferings, with success, both in time of peace and of tension or war, as the standards of a Hellenic Air Force Academy graduate demands.

Additional aims are, improving the Air Cadets’ dexterities, making them acquainted with life-long exercising and training, as well as providing them with knowledge on human physiology and physical health. Sports help them develop among other things, the fidelity to purpose, militancy, esprit de corps, emulation and general elements that are referred to Military Education. Physical Education, theoretical and practical, is provided by the Competent Sector of the Academic Themes’ Presidency based on a dynamic and realistic program.

The Air Cadets’ physical condition is developed and maintained through constant training during Air Cadet’s stay in the Hellenic Air Force Academy. The physical condition is evaluated individually and the result contributes to the formation of the final grade of the Military Education for the year.


Within the framework of the Academic Education and during the last year of study, the Air Cadets of all Departments-Specializations write their dissertation. This dissertation is a theoretical or/and an experimental, research, on subjects in relation to the subjects of the Sectors of Academic Education, as well as to subjects of special interest for HAF.

Educational Trips

Except for the above, educational visits to HTAF Units and HASC Units are organised. These educational visits take place in the framework of the lessons taught, aiming at the better knowledge of the taught subject following the proposal of the teachers-military trainers and the final suggestion of the supervisors of each department.