Academic Education

The purpose of the academic education is to provide the students of the Air Force Academy with knowledge at university level and with perfect scientific and professional education. At the same time it aims at the cultivation of scientific thought and the familiarization with research so that the future officers of the Hellenic Air Force be capable to comply with the evolution of strategy, science and technology.

Due to the nature and the special and constantly increasing requirements of the service, the Academy gives particular emphasis to the Academic Education of the air cadets of all departments.

The commandant of the Group of Academic Education who holds the rank of Colonel, shares the responsibility for the accomplishment, coordination and realization of all weekly programs of the Academic Education together with the President of Academic Affairs, while the final examination is the responsibility of the Academy’s Command.

The aim of the Academic Education is to provide the air cadets with knowledge at university level in the field of their specialty. This aim is achieved through the educational program of the Academy, which comprises the following activities:

  1. teaching of subjects in class at university level
  2. practice training in laboratories of the Academy
  3. teaching of foreign languages
  4. enough available time for study
  5. educational visits
  6. the writing of Dissertations of 4th year Air Cadets and a number of General Education Lectures.

Military Training and Education

Military Training is a necessary qualification of air cadets and its development constitutes an important task for the Air Force Academy and therefore it is accomplished constantly during the period of attendance.

The purpose of the Military Training is the appropriate cultivation of the air cadet’s personality by initiation into the military way of life, the military deontology, the customs and the traditions of the Academy, the training of austerity, the cultivation of conscientious discipline, the development of fighting and collective spirit, the dedication to mission, the training of correct social behavior, the cultivation of the ideals of freedom, democracy and humanity, the cultivation of cultural education, with the final aim of developing military virtues and leadership attributes.
The development of military training is based on principles which rule all educational departments of the Academy.

The purpose of Military Education is the development of military competence of the air cadet by the increase of his endurance to prolonged exercise, his ability to act properly and in a consistent way of thinking under pressure, by appropriate training of arms, survival, the knowledge of military organization and procedures and finally, by the performance of commandment and decision-making.
The military education combined with the military training shall prepare the air cadets to serve deservingly the orders of the Hellenic Air Force.

The attendance of all subjects or topics of Military Education is obligatory.

The Military Education is accomplished by the performance of activities like military exercises, approbations (tests), living exercises, teaching, lectures and visits. The allocated succeeding criteria of the topics and subjects of the Military Education are being designated in the curriculum.

The Military Education is programmed during the whole period of the year and graduated annually.

Sports Activities

The physical exercise of the air cadets is of primary importance and goes hand in hand with the Military Education. The purpose of physical exercise is the development of the physical condition of the air cadets at a level that meets the requirements of HAF as well as the improvement of their manual dexteritiy. Furthermore, the purpose is the initiation of the air cadet in physical exercise and exercise in general, as well as to provide knowledge on human physiology and physical health.

Sports develop among other benefits, the belief on the purpose, the fighting spirit, team-work (esprit de corps), and the general principles that refer to the Military Training. The Physical Training, theory and practice, is supported by the Academy’s ergometric center, which provides feedback on the physical exercise programs, by continuous measuring, monitoring and recommendations.

The physical condition of the air cadets is developed and maintained by periodical exercise throughout the whole year of attendance at the Academy. The air cadets who are distinguished for their physical shape and their high performance in the different sports are being selected for taking part in the teams of the Academy representing it at all athletic activities.

During the academic year, athletic activities are programmed inside and outside the Academy’ s establishments like the Contests of Supreme Military Education Institutions and Public Security Forces, HAF Championships, sports tournaments, national championships, etc.

Flight Training

The flight training provided to the air cadets during their attendance at the Air Force Academy comprises the following phases:

  1. The Selective Phase (1st year)
  2. The Initial Phase (2nd year, 2nd semester)
  3. The Basic Phase (3rd year, 1st semester)
  4. The Advanced Phase (after graduation)
  5. The Operational Phase (after graduation)

The Flight Training Phases as well as the purpose of each of them are designated by Presidential Decree. The flight sorties, the hours and the exact content of every phase is decided by the Supreme Air Council. The 2nd Lieutenants shall accomplish the overall training in the following table before their assignment to a unit.







InitialT-645/5825/321705 ½
BasicT-660/7825/321205 ½