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Hellenic Air Force NCO Academy

Σχολή Μονίμων Υπαξιωματικών Αεροπορίας


“Γνους Πράττε” (Act When You Know)
(Πιττακού Μυτιληναίου, 650-570 π.Χ. )


The academy is located at Tatoi – Dekelia’s Airbase, 15 Km north of Athens downtown.


Hellenic Air Training Command


The academy was established in 2016. Enlistment of the 1st Hellenic Air Force (HAF) NCO’s academy class was in 2017. The HAF NCO’s Academy was created in replacement of the three academies, Technical NCO Academy’s, Administrative NCO Academy’ s and Radio Navigators Academy.


The mission of the HAF NCO’s Academy is to provide the Hellenic Air Force with proficient technicians and administrative NCOs, who successfully meet the demanding obligations and duties that will be assigned to them in the HAF’s core.


E-mail: smya@haf.gr