The Hellenic Technical NCO Academy was established in February 1949 under the name of Hellenic Air Force Technicians School (STA)

The mission of STA was to provide the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) with the appropriately trained technical personnel in various specialties. Before the establishment of STA, airmen (conscripts) were made permanent personnel and gained experience through on-the-job training.

  • 1949 Initially, STA provides training in the following specialties: Aircraft Technician, Weapons Technician, Radio Communication Technician, Electrician, Instruments Technician
  • 1950 STA is renamed as STYA
  • 1951 STYA’s first organization chart is drawn up. Under this chart the Supply Technician’s specialty is introduced in the curriculum while several others are modified /renamed, eg “Electrician” turned into “Electrical Systems Technician” and “Radio Communications Technician” into “Telecommunications Technician”.
  • 1953 The Fight Controller’s specialty is introduced in STYA’s curriculum.
  • 1955 The Transport Means & Machinery Technician’s specialty is introduced
  • 1957 The Airport Facilities Technician’s and the RADAR Technician’s Specialties are introduced in the Academy’s curriculum.
  • 1984 The General Instruments Technician’s specialty is discontinued.
  • 1987 From 1949 until 1987, the training for certain specialties is provided outside the Academy (at Kavouri AB). In 1987 all specialties are taught at STYA’s Premises (Dekeleia Air Base, Tatoi) and, since then, the Academy has operated as a single unit.
  • 1990 The Academy becomes subordinate to the Hellenic Air Support Command (HASC) as an independent Unit, equivalent to a Group
  • 1992 The students enter the Academy through the General Examinations System monitored by the Hellenic Ministry of Education
  • 1993 STYA Group becomes subordinate to the Hellenic Air Training Command (HATC). This status has remained until today
  • 1996 Women join STYA for the first time
  • 1999 Οn Sept. 15, STYA was moved to Kavouri AB following the catastrophic earthquake of Sept. 7, 1999.
  • 2001 STYA becomes a Higher Education Institution
  • 2002 The Telecommunications Technician’s and the RADAR Technician’s Specialties are merged and form the Telecommunications-Electronic Systems Technician’s Specialty
  • 2009 The Hellenic Air Force Technical NCO Academy returns to it’s natural and historical grounds at Dekeleia Air Base, after 10 years and while celebrating it’s 60 years of history.
  • 2019 In December the Academy stopped operating.

Since 1949, 56 Classes of Cadets have graduated from the Academy. 11.822 Cadets joined the Academy and 11.593 NCOs have graduated from it.

Besides the Greek students, the Academy’s studies are attended by students from Cyprus, Moldova, and other countries, mainly of the African Continent, the Middle East, etc.