Military Training


General Information

The purpose of military training was the creation of the appropriate conditions for the Cadets’ initiation into the military way of life, the cultivation of conscientious discipline, dedication to duty, sense of responsibility, team and military spirit and finally the development of the inherent and acquired virtues of the person who was to be named Permanent Non-Commissioned Officer.

Lectures on General Education were given and Educational Trips were organized within the framework of Military Training.

Military Training Sectors

Basic Military Training commenced with the enlistment of the Cadets in the Academy and it lasted about four weeks. Its purpose was the initiation of the newly-recruited Cadets into the military way of life and the spirit of the Air Force.

Military training continued with:

  • Frequent informative lectures on various topics (e.g. sanitary conditions, first aid)
  • light weapon shooting exercises
  • winter- summer survival exercises and marches
  • infantry exercises
  • long or short-day educational trips

Teaching Material

  •  Sanitary Conditions – First Aid
  • Light Weapon shooting exercises
  • Battle Field
  • Survival exercises – Marches
  • Infantry exercises
  • Military test
  • Educational Trip
  • Preparation of 1st year Cadet to become 2nd year Cadet
  • Leadership
  • Preparation of 2nd year Cadet to join the Air Force