Physical Education


General Information

The purpose of Physical Education was the development of the Cadets’ physical condition and mental endurance in such a degree that they would be able to get through prolonged efforts, deprivations and sufferings both in time of peace and of tension or war, as the Air Force spirit demands. The physical education of the Cadets goes hand in hand with Military Training.

The course of Physical Education (as part of the Academic Education) was taught by P.E. instructors.

Internal Championships were organized inside the Academy’s premises and teams were formed to represent the Academy in athletic events, such as the Contests of the Armed Forces NCO Academies and HAF Championships.

Lectures on General Education were given within the framework of Physical Education.

Teaching Material

  • Physical Education
  • Running track
  • Gym
  • Swimming
  • Dance
  • Preparation representing Teams
  • Internal Championships (amongst the Squadrons of Cadets)

Supporting Facilities

The following supporting facilities were available for the successful implementation of Physical Education programs:

  • Football Field (Municipality of Vouliagmeni)
  • Running Track (Municipality of Vouliagmeni )
  • Weight Lifting Room (Academy Gym)
  • Gym equipment room (Academy Gym)
  • Outdoor Basketball Court – Volleyball Court – Tennis Course (Municipality of Vouliagmeni)
  • Swimming Pool (Hellenic Military Academy)