M-346 Block 5+


The M-346 Block 5+ is a twin-engine, Italian-built, highly maneuverable training aircraft equipped with advanced technology to simulate the characteristics of fourth and fifth generation fighter aircraft.

The first 2 M-346s joined HAF’s equipment in May 2023 and a total of 10 aircraft are expected to be delivered in stages by May 2025.

It carries an Aegean grey variant with blue colors on the wing edge.


  • Crew: 2 (trainer and trainee)
  • Engine: 22 x Honeywell F124-GA-200 of 6.280 lb (2850 kg) each.
  • Wing Span: 31,9ft (9,72m)
  • Length: 37,7ft (11,49m)
  • Maximum Speed: 590KTAS (1,090 Km/h) or0.95 Mach
  •  Service Ceiling: 45.000 ft (13.715m)