The P2002-JF is a two-seat, single engine, low-wing, light aircraft and it is used for the initial training of the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Academy new Cadets.
The aircraft is constructed by the Italian aircraft manufacturer Tecnam and was introduced during the early 2000s.

The HAF by replacing the T-41D aircraft, purchased, in October 2018 the first P2002-JF and in June of 2019 the rest three of the total amount of 12.

The P2002-JF belong to 360 Air Training Squadron, located at Dekeleia Air Base with the call sign «Thales». They are painted in two shades of gray, while the propeller cone, fins and part of the vertical tail rudder are red.


  • Crew: 2
  • Engine: 2 : Bombardier Rotax 912 S2
  • Maximum Thrust: 98,5 hp at 9.500 rpm
  • Wingspan: 8,6 m
  • Length: 6,61 m
  • Height: 2,43m
  • Maximum Speed: 142 kt (≈263 km/h)
  • Service Ceiling: 14,000 ft or 4,600 m above MSL
  • Maximum takeoff weight: 620 kg
  • Maximum Range: 568 NM