1st Generation Aircraft

In 1954 the F-86 Sabres were delivered and Nos 341, 342 and 343 Interception Squadrons were gradually raised. In the same year the HAF Joint Aerial Photograhy and Interpretation Centre was founded.

In 1956 the 114 Combat Wing was established and Nos 341, 342 and 343 F-86s Squadrons were formed. The second acroteam, known as the ‘’Hellenic Flame’’ was raised in August 1957 with F-86Es of No 341. Its aircraft, painted with impressive colours (blue, white and red) continued worthily the first «Acroteam»’s deeds while its pilots were awarded numerous decorations.

In 1957 a new type of jet-fighters, the F-84Fs were delivered. No 335 Bombing Squadron was equipped with Thundersteaks and No 348’s tactical reconnaissance inventory was strengthened with RF-84F Thunderflashes. In July of the same year, an attachment of No 335 Squadron of Tactical Transport conducted successfully the rescue operation of Greeks abroad in Kongo.

In 1960 No 350 «Nike- Hercules» Squadron was created equipped with modern ground/air missiles.

In March 1961, after the completion of important infrastructure works the 117 Combat Wing was established and received the F-84Fs of No 339 Squadron. In April 1964 the newly-purchased F-104Gs arrived at 114 Combat Wing and the new No 335 Fighting and Bombing Squadron was formed with the Starfighters. Next year, 336 Strike Squadron was also with F-104Gs.history10_pic3_sm

The F-5A/B aircraft, able to take over day interceprion and bombing roles, were delivered in 1965 and formed No 343. The F-86Es of No 341 were also replaced by the new F-5 Freedom Fighters.

The HAF was the first Air Force in Europe which acquired this type of aircraft and the F-5 HAF Squadrons were the first such NATO Squadrons.

The third acroteam, the «New Hellenic Flame», was formed with five F-5s of No 337 in 1967.

The HAF inventory was enriched significantly in 1969. In January the Convair F-102 A-40 Delta Daggers were delivered at 114 Combat Wing to replace the F-102s.

In 1969 the new Grumman HU-16B Albatros formed No 353 Naval Co-operation Squadron.

history10_pic4_smAt the same time the NORD 2501 D Noratlas were delivered as an imperative solution for the accute problem of tactical transportation.

In 1970, after the receipt of the Northorp RF-5As No 349 Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron was raised at 111 CW, which was until flying with F-84Fs.