2nd Generation Aircraft

In April 1974 the first second-generation F-4Es landed at 117 CW. Three Squadrons, Nos 339,338 and 337 were formed with Phantom IIs.

In July 1974, No 354 Noratlas Squadron wrote a brilliant page of Hellenic aviation history with the air transportation operation of Greek rangers from Crete to Cyprus. In spite of the ageing aircraft and the adverse flying conditions, 12 of the 15 aircraft which participated in the mission «NIKI», landed on the airport of Nicosia. The shooting down of a Noratlas cost the life of a crew of four and 12 parachutists.

1975 was a turning point for the modernisation of the HAF. In the summer of 1975 the first all weather bombing A-7 Corsairs equipped Nos 340, 345 and 347 Squadron of 115 CW.history11_pic2_sm

On August 4, 1975 the first two Mirage F-1 CGs landed at 114 CW. Equipped with modern weapon and air navigational systems the F-1s were delivered initially in No 342 and two years later in No 334 Squadrons. In September the C-130 Hercules transport aircraft were disposed to No 356, radically changing the philosophy of tactical transportation.

In December the hydroplane fire extinguishers Canadair CL-125s were received by No 355, which , since then, invaluably contribute to firefighting all over Greece.

In 1976 the Tactical Weapons School was established in 117 CW. As a centre of Air Tactics, since 1983, it tests new weapon systems and tactics, contributing the greatest increace of Air Force’s combat ability.

In 1979 HAF added in its fleet the first RF-4E which have been allocated to No 348 Squadron.