3rd Generation Aircraft

The reception of the third generation aircraft was a turning point for Hellenic Air Force.

In April 1988 the Mirage 2000 EG/BG landed on the 114 CW and equipped the 331 and, one year later, the 332 Squadron of All Weather.history12_pic2_sm

In January 1989, the F-16C/D Block 30 arrived in Nea Agchialos and were interposed in the 330 and 346 Squadron of the 111CW.

On March 29, 1991 the RF-84F have been recalled after 34 years and 7 months of operational activities. In November 1992 more RF-4E were delivered and were disposed in the 348 Squadron on Tactical Reconnaissance.

In 1997 the reception of third generation aircraft was continued. On July, 27 the first four F-16 Block 50 landed on the 111CW. The new aircraft, equipped with the advanced technology system of infrared navigation and night sighting of restricted height (LANTIRN) and missiles AMRAAM and HARM, were interposed in the recomposition Squadrons of all weather 341 and 347.