When Greece entered World War I on the side of the Allies, new perspectives arose for the organisation of the Military and Naval Air Services. Immediately after the completion of the personnel’s training at the Flying Schools of Sedes and Mudros, the first Hellenic War Squadrons were raised.history3_pic2_sm

The No 531 Fighting Squadron as well as Nos 532 and 533 Reconnaissance-Bombing Squadrons carried out, continually, flights above the enemy lines. Their war activities comprised patrols and reconnaissance, taking photographs and collecting valuable information, as well as attacks against enemy trenches.

The Naval Air Corps with Squadron No 2 performed night raids at the border, anti-submarine search and attacks against targets of vital importance as well as engaged itself in air battles. Among the most significant missions were the night raids at the Gallipoli-Constantinople peninsula in June 1917, the heavy bombings of the enemies’ positions, the raid against the German cruisers «Geben» and «Breslau», the constant raids during the battle of Skra Di Legen, as well as the bombing of Smyrna.

history3_pic3_smDuring this struggle for freedom and civilisation 17 aviators were heroically killed.