Agusta-Bell 47G-3, AB.47G-5, Bell OH-13H

Agusta - Bell 206A Jetranger

  • Role: Utility helicopter / Crop dusting
  • Dimensions: Rotor diameter 11.32m, Length 9.63m, Height 2.83m
  • Engine: 1 x Lycoming TVO-435 (280 hp)
  • Payload: 3 persons
  • Crew: 1 or 2 (G-3), 3 (G-5)
  • Number in service: 24
  • Country of production: Italy, USA
  • Years in service: 1963 – 2005

At least one AB.47G-3 was received in 1963. With the establishment of the 359 Public Services Air Support Squadron in 1968, there were six AB.47G-3 and twelve AB.47G-5 in service. Between 1970 and 1972 two more AB.47G-5 and four Bell OH-13H with dual controls were received, the latter being used for training.

The main mission of the AB.47 of 359 Squadron until the late 90s was crop dusting.