Bristol Blenheim Mk IV (pre-WWII)


  • Role: Bomber
  • Dimensions: Wing span 17.17 m, length 13.0 m, height 3.00 m
  • Engine: 2 × 2 Bristol Mercury XV (920 hp)
  • Armament: 1 × .303in Vickers machine gun in turret, 1,000 lb of payload
  • Crew: 3
  • Number in service: 9-12
  • Country of production: Great Britain
  • Years in service: 1937 – 1941

The Greek Blenheim Mk IV were delivered shortly before the break of WWII. The equipment configuration was very different from the British equivalent airplanes, that being the main reason that the Greek airplanes were not confiscated by the British upon the break of the war.

The Mk IV were delivered without aiming sight system, intercommunication system, radio and bomb rails, as certain equipment systems were not delivered in time by the suppliers or they were confiscated in the countries they were produced due to the war.

The shortage of the above rendered the airplanes inadequate for operations; therefore the 32nd Bombing Squadron’s technicians had to manufacture aiming sight substitutes and intercommunication systems from string. As for the bomb rails, a solution was given by modifying the hanging points. In all, 9 to 12 airplanes were delivered, while the order for 12 more was never executed.

The Blenheim Mk IV of the pre-WWII order must not be confused with the Blenheim Mk I/IV that were delivered by the British in 1941. These were equipped according to standard RAF specifications.