Bristol Type 81A “Greek version”

  • Role: Trainer
  • Dimentions: Wingspan 12.01m, Length 7.95m, Height 3.07m
  • Engine: 1 x Siddeley Puma (230 hp)
  • Armament: 1 × .303in Vickers machine gun, 1 × .303in Lewis machine gun
  • Crew: 2
  • Number in service: 6
  • Country of production: Great Britain
  • Years in service: 1925 – 1935

In the spring of 1925, 6 advanced training Bristol Type 81A were purchased for the Naval Flying Corps. They were refitted WWI F.2B interceptors, modified to be used by Civil Aviation as the Bristol Type 81 Tourer. The Greek airplanes bore no armament, equipped only with a photo camera support system. They had landing gear with suspension, Frise type ailerons but lacked the Handley Page slats the British ones had.

It is mentioned that in 1931, they were modified by adding a Scarff type gunner ring like the F.2V Mk IV. The Bristol Type 81A were used for training until 1935.