Junkers G24HE


  • Role: Transporter
  • Dimensions: Wingspan 29.37 m, length 15.80 m
  • Engine: 3 x JUNKERS L.5 (340hp)
  • Payload: 14 persons, 2.000kg
  • Crew: 2
  • Number in service: 4
  • Country of production: Germany
  • Years in service: 1940 – 1941

In 2/11/1931, 4 G24he were delivered by Junkers to the E.E.E.Σ (Hellenic Air Transport Company). The airplanes were painted similarly to the ones belonging to Lufthansa and were named SX-ACA “Athens”, SX-ACB “Salonika”, SX-ACD “Ioannina” and SX-ACE “Patrai”. In 1940 the Air Force ordered their requisition, to be used for war needs. Originally, these airplanes remained as they were with the sole addition of three vertical stripes, blue/white/blue on the rudder. Later on they were painted in camouflage and bore the insignia of the Royal Hellenic Air force. At least two were captures by the Luftwaffe in April 1941, and one managed to escape to Egypt, where its presence is reported in the mid-1941.