Junkers JU52-3/M


  • Role: Transporter
  • Dimensions: Wingspan 29.25 m, length 18.90 m, height 4.50 m
  • Engine: 3 x BMW 132A (715hp)
  • Payload: 30-34 persons, 4.100kg
  • Crew: 2
  • Number in service: 4
  • Country of production: Germany
  • Years in service: 1940 – 1941

Apart from the 4 G24he, E.E.E.Σ (Hellenic Air Transport Company) also possessed 3 Ju52-3/m airplanes. These were delivered to the E.E.E.Σ in 1/7/1938 and were requisitioned by the Royal Hellenic Air force in 2/11/1940, to be used for war purposes. They bore insignia on the fuselage and under the wings. Their service as transporters was over when they failed to escape to Egypt and were therefore captured by Luftwaffe in 27/4/1941. One of them is reported again in 1945 as captured by R.A.F this time, with a British serial number: VM980.