Mirage 2000-5 EGM/BGM

Mirage 2000-5


Fifteen of the total twenty-five M2000-5 aircraft were obtained by France, while the remaining ten belonged to the Hellenic Air Force and were upgraded by the Hellenic Aerospace Industry. The upgrade included the replace of the total electronic equipment and the weapons, turning M2000-5 into some of the most qualified aircraft.

Differences between M2000 and M2000-5

  • RADAR: Τhe Μ2000 is equipped with the RDM radar, while the Μ2000-5 has the more advanced RDY-2.
  • DATA PROCESING: The Μ2000 is equipped with two main computers (MC1 & MC2) as oposed to the Μ2000-5’s modular data processing unit (MDPU)
  • INS (Inertial Navigation System): The Μ2000 has the mechanical ULISS system, while the Μ2000-5 has the TOTEM 3000 laser gyro.
  • COCPIT: Μ2000 has analogue cockpit while the Μ2000-5 has a glass cockpit.
  • ICMS (Countermeasures System): Μ2000-5 has the advanced type system ΜΚ3


  • Crew: 1
  • Engine: by pass turbofan SNECMA M53 P2 jet engine with afterburner/ thrust: 9.8 tn
  • Wing Span: 9.13 m
  • Lenght: 14.36 m
  • Maximum Speed: 2.2 Mach
  • Service Ceiling: 50.000 ft