RF-4E Phantom

RF-4E Phantom


The RF-4E was a variation of the F-4E. The main difference was the photo cameras at the nose, with lateral and rear observation capabilities.

The RF-4E has the could carry 4 different types of cameras, with the LOROP KS-127A as most impressive, which could take photos from a height of 35,000 ft. Another option is the AAD-5 infrared system which can be used day and night.

The Greek RF-4Es were fitted with weapons and self-defense systems and were capable to operate from up to an altitude of 40,000 ft, depending on the mission. Their main role was reconnaissance before and after an air attack.

They were based in Larissa, at 110 Combat Wing, and they used to operate from the 348 Squadron with call sign “Eyes”.


  • Crew: 2
  • Engine: 2 General Electric J-79-GE-15 turbojet engines with afterburners, thrust 17,900 lbs.
  • Wing Span: 11.7 m
  • Length: 19.1 m
  • Maximum Speed: 2,370 km/h or 2.23 Mach
  • Service Ceiling: 50,000 ft