Hellenic Air Force Mission

Αποστολή της ΠΑ

HAF’s mission is the organization, manning, air armament and training of personnel, with the purpose of developing an air power, capable of contributing to the “DISSUASION”, to conduct intensive and prolonged air operations for the obtainment and keeping up of air superiority, to secure the air defense of the country, to provide air protection and support for the operations of the other branches of Armed Forces.

Beyond the above mission and during the peacetime, HAF also conducts public service operations with the purpose of supporting the civil sector in the confrontment of special conditions.

The public service of the Hellenic Air Force covers many aspects of public interest, offering among others services like:

Air Firefighting

ΑεροπυρόσβεσηThe Hellenic Air Force actively participates every year to the work of firefighting, contributing to the efforts of the Hellenic Fire Department, providing a specialized fleet of aircraft and the necessary personnel.

Today, Hellenic Air Force currently allocates a large fleet with different types of Fire fighting Airplanes (CL-415, CL-215, PZL M18B, Grumman G-164). During the fire fighting season, the aircrafts are relocated to various airports around the country, while their crews are always in alert from the first to the last light of the day, ready to engage every incident, according to the requirements of the Fire Department.

Additionally, HAF also executes patrol flights for early spotting of forest fires. This ensures the direct intervention from land and air forces contributing effectively in the protection of our natural wealth.

The Hellenic Air Force also offers ground units (vehicles, permanent and reservist personel) where the need exists. When it is required, these forces are placed under the command of the Fire Department.

During 2014, a total of 807 patrol and fire fighting missions were executed with a total of 1.744,5 hours of flight, while in 2013, a total of 1.084 patrol and fire fighting missions were executed with a total of 2.525,9 hours of flight.

Search and Rescue (S.A.R)

Έρευνα και Διάσωση

Planes and helicopters searching everywhere and saving lives

In the section of Search and Rescue (SAR), HAF currently has 2 helicopter squadrons, 358 SAR Squadron (with AB-205 and AB-212 helicopters) and 384 SAR Squadron (with Super Puma helicopters). During SAR missions, which are coordinated in conjunction with the Ministry of Commercial Shipping, a Navy diver is among the rescue crew.

In addition, HAF provides a large fleet of C-130, C-27J, Do-28, CL-215, and CL-415 planes that ensure timely coverage over the entire Greek territory. For this purpose, certain units located at different parts of the country, are in 24-hour alert, 365 days a year.

During 2014, 134 missions were executed with a total of 243,3 flight hours while 66 people were rescued.  In 2013, 103 missions were executed with a total of 185,9 flight hours while 251 people were rescued.

Air Transports and MEDEVAC

Transport patients at any time from any part of Greece

One of the most important contributions of the Hellenic Air Force in public service is the air-transportation of patients.

In such missions, the planes and the helicopters of the Hellenic Air Force, are ready 24 hours / 365 days a year, are called to transport from remote or hard to reach locations, patients or injured persons that need direct medical attention.

The flights of C-130 and C-27J planes, and also of Super Puma and A-109 helicopters from the of Emergency Help Helicopter Squadron (SEAB) are coordinated in collaboration with the National Centre of Emergency Help (EKAB) and the Ministry of Health. During these missions, medical personnel are also on board.

During 2014, the Hellenic Air Force executed 1.007 missions with a total of 2.192,4 hours of flight, transporting 1.342 patients in need of medical assistance from various parts of Greece, while in 2013, 966 missions were executed with a total of 2.264,6 hours of flight, transporting 1.365 patients in need of medical assistance.