“Θνήσκε Yπέρ Πατρίδος” (Die for your Country)

The Wing’s emblem represents an aircraft formation flying over the White Tower in Thessaloniki. The motto “Die for your Country” comes from Demetrius Phalireas’ collection of “Quotations of the Seven Sages of Antiquity” and is attributed to Periandros from Korinthons, one of the seven wise of antiquity.


Mikra Air Base.




Hellenic Air Force Support Command (HAFSC)


Aircraft served

  • F-5A/B
  • T-33A
  • C-47D

Aircraft serving

  • CL-415


The mission of the 113 Combar Wing, is to maintain a high level of readiness and effectiveness. It is achieved by the appropriate organization, training of personnel and maintenance of the available means and systems. Furthermore, the undertaking and carrying out of air operations, at any given time, in total success.


One of the most well known and historic units of the Hellenic Air Force is the 113 Combat Wing, because of the fact that the wing participated in all the fights since the Balcan Wars. The major landmarks in the wing’s history are as follows:

  • 1912 Usage of Sedes airport from Greek and French Flights during the Balcan wars.
  • 1914 First unit activation as a training center.
  • 1919 The unit was renamed to «Military Aviation School»
  • 1927 Establishment of the 1st Aircraft Regiment
  • 1939 The unit operates as a «War Training Center» for pilots and observers.
  • 1941 Incorporation of the 333 and 336 Fighter Squadrons.
  • 1945 Immediately after the end of WW II the first HAF Combat Wing was formed, with the 335 and 336 Fighter Bomber Squadrons and the Spitfire aircraft.
  • 1954 The unit was renamed to 113 Mixed Training Wing and the 356 Air Transport Squadron was established.
  • 1974 The Micra airport was activated and the 343 Day Intercept Squadron redeployed there.
  • 1975 The unit was renamed to 113 Combat Wing and subordinated operationally and administratively to the Tactical Air Force HQ. Also the 355.1 Tactical Transport Flight replaced the 356 Air Transport Squadron.
  • 1985 Redeployment of 221 Operational Training Sqn to Micra airport and return of 343 Day Interception Sqn to the 111CW.
  • 1987 The 343 Day Intercept Sqn is finally placed under the 113 CW.
  • 1993 Redeployment of F-5 Training Flight to Micra airport which was named «Macedonia» airport since then.
  • 1999 Start of the deployment of PATRIOT system to Sedes air base (23 Guided Missile Sqn).
  • 2000 Ceasing operations of the F-5 Training Flight.
  • 2001 Withdrawal of F-5 from active service.
  • 2002 Establishment of the 24 Guided Missile Sqn and 2nd ICC (Patriot) to Sedes airport.
  • 2003 Redeployment of Sedes headquarters and 355.1 Tactical Transport Flight to Micra airport.
  • 2006 Redeployment of 383 Special Operations & Air Fire Fighting Squadron (383 MEEA) to the 113 Combat Wing. Subordination of the 113 CW to the Air Force Support Command (AFSC).


E-mail: pubrel.113cw@haf.gr