201 Hellenic Air Force Central Supply Depot


“Yπέροχον Έμμεναι Άλλων” (Stand out among others)


This phrase, which was very dear to Roman orator Cicero, is what Glaucus said to Diomedes after their reconciliation. Always be the best well above the rest and not disgrace your ancestors’ generation.

Homer Iliad, Chapter Z., lyric 208 and Chapter L, lyric 784


The main storage facilities are located in Elefsis Airbase. Additional storage facilities located outside the Airbase:

  • General Storage for Repairable Materials in Tanagra.
  • General Storage in Araxos, Achaia Prefecture and in Valanidia, Magnisia Prefecture.




Hellenic Air Force Support Command


The mission of the 201 Hellenic Air Force Central Supply Depot is to provide supply support to Hellenic Air Force Units in a timely manner and with the minimum possible cost in order to ensure a high availability level of air force power during both peacetime and wartime.


The Unit was founded as General Material Storage Facilities at Palaio Faliro in 1945.

It changed its title to Air Force Material Storages (AFMS) in 1957.

It was relocated to its new facilities in Elefsis Airbase in 1974.

It changed its title to 201 Hellenic Air Force Central Supply Depot in 1978.

Organizational structure

It consists of the following Directorates:

  • Operations and Support DIRECTORATE
  • Supply Directorate
  • Civil Human Resources Directorate
  • Material Command Directorate
  • Replenishment Directorate
  • Storage Directorate
  • Accounting Directorate
  • Finance Directorate
  • Material Receipt – Dispatch Directorate
  • Transportation Directorate
  • IT Directorate

Activities – Purpose of Unit


201 HAFCSD is supplied from certified sources, both domestic and international, in accordance with existing legislation. These are:

  • USA Supply Centers (Foreign Military Sales – FMS)
  • NSPA Supply Centers
  • French Companies
  • Construction – Commercial Companies
  • Allied Countries (NLSE – MESS)
  • Foreign Repair Centers (FMS, NSPA, Repair Companies)
  • Hellenic Air Force Factories
  • Hellenic Aerospace Industry
  • Hellenic Air Force Publication Service
  • Hellenic Army and Navy Repair and Supply Centers
  • Trading Companies


201 HAFCSP supports all Hellenic Air Force weapon systems, other equipment and personnel.

Material Monitoring Information System of Command (MMISC)

The Information System installed in 201 HAFCSD is connected to the main Hellenic Air Force Bases.

The Hellenic Air Force material is monitored, in financial terms, and managed by the MMISC application in order to:

  • Optimize the material stock levels
  • Maintain central command and control of material
  • Speed up the satisfaction material requests aiming at the enhancement of supply support