204 Ammunition Supply Deport


“Φιλεί τα Όπλα” (Take care of your Equipment)


The 204 Ammunition Supply Depot is located in Aulida of Evoia Island.


Hellenic Air Force Support Command


The 204 Ammunition Supply Depot’s mission is to supply the Hellenic Air Force’s Units with ammunition, CAD/PAD and every kind of explosives. It is also responsible for management and accounting monitoring, maintenance and inspection of ammunition stored in the Unit, the exploitation of the repaired and the destroy of the useless ammunition.


The 204 Ammunition Supply Deport was established on September 1953, 2nd at Megara Gate as an Ammunition Storage Squadron.

On October 1971, 8th the Unit was transferred to Elliniko city, subordinated to 129 Supply Combat Wing.

On March 1977, 20th was located in Vathi’s Avlida and was renamed as 204 Ammunition Supply Depot.