206 Air Force Infrastructure Wing

206 Πτέρυγα Αεροπορικών Υποδομών


“Έργον δ’ ουδέν όνειδος” (Work is not a shame)


Ano Liosia, Attica




Hellenic Air Force Support Command


The 206 Air Force Infrastructure Wing (206 AFIW) is responsible for the construction, maintenance and design of all types of air infrastructures (military and civil) including vital operational surfaces (runways, taxiways, airport aprons and road networks), electromechanical – except telecommunication – projects, road projects and facilities networks.

Also, the 206AFIW is responsible for the scheduled inspection, maintenance, repair and emergency rehabilitation of special air infrastructures (hardened aircraft shelter doors, aircraft arrestment barriers, underwater and marine facilities, advanced air-conditioning systems and airfield pavement joints) as well as the maintenance of hangars, aircraft shelters and the marking of airfield surfaces.

Last but not least, 206AFIW conducts disaster response missions and recovery of sunken aircrafts and helicopters.


The evolution of 206AFIW since its establishment is as follows:

  • Flight of Constructions (1949 – 1951)

Examples of major projects: Construction of an aircraft hangar at Dekeleia Air force Base where today is located the Hellenic Air Force Museum, erection (with direct labor) of twelve (12) hangar warehouses in the yard of the Hellenic Air Force Aviation Material Warehouses at Delta Faliro, other projects at Hellinikon airport, Araxos air base, Megara airport and finally at the island of Crete.

  • Squadron of Constractions ( 1951 – 1953 & 1958 – 1973)

Examples of major projects: Reconstruction and extension of the Kastelli airfield in Heraklion Crete, construction (with direct labor) of a runway at Lemnos island, partial construction of the University of Patra.

  • Squadron of Air Constructions (1973 – 1983), upgraded in 1983 to Unit of Air Constractions (1983 – 2008)

Examples of major projects: Construction of barracks complex in Thrakomakedones (Attica), construction of apartment blocks at the Larissa airbase, reconstruction of the runway at the Araxos Airport, reconstruction of the runway at the Kastelli (Crete) Airport.

  • 206 Air Force Infrastructure Wing (2008 – up today)


The Unit’s structure corresponds to a typical Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Wing setup. However, due to the fact that within HAF’s framework, 206AFIW is the only project developer by its own means, it also includes the following specialized domains:

  • Constructions Directorate

The Unit’s staff body which is responsible for the implementation of the HAF projects, either through outsourcing or by its own resources. It consists of five (5) departments, through which the directorate is capable of: carrying out project studies, outsourcing projects and procurements, supervising the implementation of projects, reporting project administrative closures and outsourcing project studies.

  • Mobile Teams Squadron

Specialized squadron responsible to develop and dispatch throughout the Hellenic territory rapid reaction forces, in order to provide services of maintenance, repair and construction of special installations (aircraft arrestment barriers, underwater facilities, airfield pavement joints, hardened aircraft shelter doors and advanced air-conditioning systems). The squadron also conducts disaster response missions, search and rescue missions as well as recovery of sunken means of air transport or parts of them.

  • Asphalt Road Constructions & Earthworks Squadron

The squadron’s responsibilities cover: the construction, maintenance and the repair of damaged paved critical surfaces (runways, taxiways, airport aprons, road networks, etc.), temporary restore of port facilities, demolition of conventional and metal air installations as well as pathways opening.

  • Constructions’ Maintenance Squadron

The squadron undertakes projects related to the construction, renovation and maintenance of conventional constructions through its own production workshops (carpentry, aluminum constructions) and support crews (plumbing, painting, electricians, builders and steel constructions) in order to support the maintenance and the projects development of the Unit itself and other units of HAF.

  • Task Forces

Self-contained flights set up for dispatch across the Hellenic territory for the purpose of carrying out construction works of any kind (except telecommunications).

  • Technical Courses School

This body provides practical and theoretical training to HAF members in specialized subjects, to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary in order to carry out the mission of the Unit and the HAF. Examples of training courses provided are: aircraft arrestment barriers, underwater missions, disaster response missions, hoist rescuers, hardened aircraft shelter doors, second lieutenants’ indoctrination course, staff sergeants’ indoctrination course.


E-mail: cmdr.206pay@haf.gr