Hellenic Air Force Service Complex

Συγκρότημα Εξυπηρέτησης Προσωπικού Αεροπορίας (ΣΕΠΑ)




Hellenic Air Force Support Command


The Unit’s mission is to provide optimum services through commercial activities to serve the operational needs of the Units and the general needs of Hellenic Air Force’s Military and Civilian personnel.


The Unit is the evolution and renaming of the Shop of the Royal Air Force Family – Shopping Center of the Hellenic Air Force’s Units, which was established in February of 1950 in Athens until December 1984.

In its original form the Unit served Staff and Units of Athens cirque. From April 1st, 1994 serves Staff other than only Hellenic Air Force’s.

The Unit in the context of its restructuring and relocation suspended the operation of the Department Stores and the Food Station and no longer serves the Hellenic Air Force’s Staff in these activities.

The Units had relocated to new accommodation at Leoforos Suggrou Street. The Hellenic Air Force’s Staff and Units cover their needs through smaller shops located in each Unit.


The Unit was relocated on June 2018, 22nd.