Santorini Air Force Resort


The Unit is located in Santorini island.




Hellenic Air Force Support Command


The Unit’s mission is the maintenance of high level efficiency and readiness accomplished by organization, training of the Staff and the maintenance of means and equipment that are being moved there, in order to accomplish successfully air operations whenever required and in accordance with applicable plans.


In 1972, construction of Air Base from Hellenic Aviation Authorities for covering the needs internal air flights.

In 1975, expansion and upgrade work has begun by the Hellenic Air Force.

In 1979, it was decided from The Supreme Air Force Council the formation of 134 Combat Group. It was initially operated as Air Detachment.

In 1982, the Unit was decided to operate as Combat Group.

On August 2011, 5th the Unit was renamed as Santorini Air Detachment.

On March 2018, 22nd the Unit started operating as Santorini Air Force Resort.