HAF Agency at H.A.I.


HAI premises at Tanagra, Viotia




Hellenic Air Force Support Command


The HAF Agency at HAI represents and acts for the Hellenic State, to all subjects concerning the accomplishment of conventional works from the HAI, and to all bilateral transactions for the benefit of the Hellenic State.

During peacetime, its mission is to contract commissions to HAI, for the Hellenic State, and thereafter the supervision and control of accomplishment. Also the fulfillment of the Hellenic State’s commitments to the HAI, arising from the relevant contracts or agreements.


  • The supervision of factory maintenance schedules effectuation of aircraft, helicopters’, jet engines, telecommunication means and constructions.
  • The manage the procedures that ensure proper Quality Control.
  • Financial dealing with HAI and voucher cross-check.
  • Handling subjects of mutual support in materials between the Armed Forces and HAI