Hellenic Air Training Command

Hellenic Air Training Command

Air Force Training Command


«Virtue can be taught»

In a dialogue with Socrates, sophist Protagoras maintains that virtue has to be taught by telling that the Athenians are of the same opinion. So now, Socrates, I have shown you by both fable and argument that virtue is teachable and this is so deemed by the Athenians, and that it is no wonder that bad sons are born of good fathers and good of bad. (Plato, ‘Protagoras’, 328 C)


The Hellenic Air Training Command (HATC) was set up on July 30 1955, under the name of «31st Hellenic Air Training HQ» initially established at a building on 6 Marni Street, its mission being to plan and improve the training provided to the HAF personnel.

One year later it was reestablished at the old State Aircraft Factory (SAF) facilities, at Paleo Phalero, where it remained until 1959. From there it was moved to the Hellenic Air Force war college building at the Dekelia Air Base where it remained until 1987.

In 1968 its name changes from «31st Hellenic Air training HQ» to «31st Hellenic Air Training Command».

In 1979 the numerical prefix «31st» was removed and the remaining name has been maintained since then.

In 1987 and within the context of organizational changes in the Hellenic Air Force, HATC and HASC (Hellenic Air Support Command) are unified, HATC is abolished and HASC and HAFGS (Hellenic Air Force General Staff) assume its activities.

In 1993 after a Supreme Air Council decision, HATC is re-established on a trial basis for six months and in accordance with a later decision of the same Council, it was decided that the Command will continue to operate.

Today, the Hellenic Air Training Command is based at the Dekelia Air Base, at the SW section of the camp, 20 Km N-NW of the city of Athens.


The HATC mission is to plan, program, monitor, assess and improve the training provided to the Hellenic Air Force personnel and specifically:

  • The Air Training of the Cadets and the graduating 1st Lieutenants.
  • The Academic, Military and physical training of the HAF Military Academies (HAFA, Technical NCO Academy, Administrative NCO Academy, Radionavigators Academy).
  • The training provided at the further education-specialisation schools of the HAF permanent staff.
  • The training (both basic and specialty) provided to the 5 year Service Volunteers and to the conscripts.


The Command plans, monitors, coordinates, controls, asseses and improves the training provided at the units, to the permanent (military–civilian) and reserve personnel of the HAF.

It carries out scheduled and non-scheduled assessments to ascertain the level of the air and ground training provided.

It also controls the standardization of the training with the teaching systems and analytical schedules as well as trends developed during their implementation so that the outcome of the training provided can be maximized.

Its units training activities include the following basic areas:

  • Permanent cadre Military Academies
  • Flight Training
  • Further postgraduate training of permanent cadres
  • 5-year service volunteers and conscripts basic and specialty training


Permanent cadre Military Schools

The Command studies, coordinates and controls, at staff level, the training provided at the HAF Military Academies, namely:

128 Telecommunincation & Electronics Training Group

Κέντρο Εκπαίδευσης Προσωπικού ΑεράμυναςAir Defense Training Center

Κέντρο Εκπαίδευσης Φρουρών ΣκύλωνGuard Dog Training Centre

Other Units

Training Squadrons


  • HAF Training Command /Dekelia Air Base, Tatoi
  • Tel. Exch: +30 210 8193399
  • Fax: +30 210 2402615
  • Email: cmd.dae@haf.gr