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Air Force Training Command


“Διδακτόν η αρετή” (Virtue can be taught)
In a dialogue with Socrates, sophist Protagoras maintains that virtue has to be taught by telling that the Athenians are of the same opinion. So now, Socrates, I have shown you by both fable and argument that virtue is teachable and this is so deemed by the Athenians, and that it is no wonder that bad sons are born of good fathers and good of bad. (Plato, ‘Protagoras’, 328 C)


The Hellenic Air Training Command (HATC) is located in Dekelia Air Base, Tatoi.




The HATC mission is to plan, program, monitor, assess and improve the training provided to the Hellenic Air Force personnel and specifically:

  • The Air Training of the Cadets and the graduating 1st Lieutenants.
  • The Academic, Military and physical training of the HAF Military Academies (HAFA, HAF NCO Academy).
  • The training provided at the further education-specialisation schools of the HAF permanent staff.
  • The training (both basic and specialty) provided to the 5 year Service Volunteers and to the conscripts.


The HTAF consists of Branches and Divisions, headed by the Chief of the Air Training Command.

The Branches of the HTAF are divided as follows:

  • The B’ Branch (Staff – Training)
  • The C’ Branch (Support)

Combat Wings

Combat Groups

Permanent Cadre Military Schools

The Command studies, coordinates and controls, at staff level, the training provided at the HAF Military Academies, namely:

Other Units


  • HAF Training Command /Dekelia Air Base, Tatoi
  • Tel. Exch: +30 210 8193399
  • Fax: +30 210 2402615
  • Email: cmd.dae@haf.gr