120 Air Training Wing

120 Πτέρυγα Εκπαίδευσης Αέρος (120 ΠΕΑ)


“Γένοιμαν αιετός υψιπέτας” (Ι wish I was an eagle, flying high)


The 120 Air Training Wing is located at Messinia in Kalamata




Hellenic Air Training Command

Training Squadrons

Aircraft served

  • T-33
  • T-37C

Aircraft serving

  • T-2E Buckeye
  • T-6A Texan II
  • M-346



The Unit’s mission is to provide the cadets and 2nd Lieutenants with flight training, in order to prepare and make them skilled pilots, able to engage duties and responsibilities as aircraft pilots.


The construction of the airport started in 1960 with the purpose of being alternative Air Base for NATO. After completing the basic facilities, the Kalamata Air Detachment was established, which was subordinated to 117 Combat Wing.

In 1968, with national funds, the airport facilities were expanded to be used for the flight training of Hellenic Air Force Academy’s Cadets.

In March 1970, was established the 120 Air Training Combat Group. In May of the same year, the 362 Advanced Air Training Squadron was relocated equipped with T-33 Aircraft and in June started taking place the Hellenic Air Force Academy’s Cadets flight training.

In May 1971, the 361 Basic Training Squadron was relocated and it was equipped with T-37 Aircraft.

In February 1976, the first T-2E Aircraft were delivered and in January 1977 the delivery was completed. That was the time that the flight training of Hellenic Air Force Academy’s Cadets started (50th Flying Class) with T-2E Aircraft and the T-33 Aircraft were retired.

In May 1977, the 363 Operational Training Squadron was transferred from Larisa Air Base and got T-2E Aircraft. In August of the same year, the 120 Air Training Combat Group was renamed to 120 Air Training Combat Wing.

In August 2000 a new Squadron was established, named as 361 Basic Training Squadron/T-6. Its mission is to provide Basic Phase training with T-6A aircraft, operating together with 361 Basic Training Squadron/T-37. In August, the first T-6A aircraft was arrived from Raytheon Company (Wichita Kansas) facilities.

In September 2001 started the training of the first series of Hellenic Air Force Academy’s Cadets (76th) with T-6A Aircraft.

In October 2002, 361 Basic Training Squadron/T-37 was suspended its operations after 39 years.

On February 2006, 22nd, a new Training Squadron was established named as 364 Air Training Squadron and at the same time the 361 Basic Training Squadron, 362 Advanced Training Squadron and 363 Operational Training Squadron were renamed to Air Training Squadrons.

The first two new M-346 aircraft arrived on 11 May 2023 and a ceremony was held on 16 May 2023.


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